Reducing time and money by no longer having to move entire VMs. Only moving the applications you need

Moving entire VMs to the Cloud is bandwidth intensive, consumes expensive Cloud resources during a migration and on a continuous basis, and doesn’t solve any of your legacy operational exposures…. Why bother when you can just move the application?

Join us Tuesday, Jan 23 2018, to see how simple it is to move select applications and images to the cloud.

We’ll be talking about:

  • Avoiding cloud lock in
  • Not moving what you don’t have to
  • Moving applications from legacy environments to a less costly cloud hosted environment
  • Applications that can be uplifted to cloud environments for less than one-quarter of the bandwidth, storage and processing required to move the combination of VM, OS and applications
  • How to take advantage of tools offered by Cloud vendors to monitor and manage application usage and OS instances
  • Only paying for the resources you need to run your applications and business
  • Closing security exposures such as WannaCry and Petya inherent in legacy OS platforms.

And so much more!